LOOK: #PubertyChallenge from Beautiful Girl to Handsome Tomboy

Have you heard of the #PubertyChallenge? It is a popular challenge on social media these days where people post photos of their transformation from awkward kids to gorgeous adults – and a lot of people have gone viral this way, including a girl named Aleksis Corbi.

But dramatic transformations don’t always have to mean from ‘simple’ girl to beautiful woman because someone recently went viral for another form of transformation: from beautiful girl to handsome tomboy!

Clarisse “Clar” Frias shot to fame after on “It’s Showtime” first contest for LGBTs, called “That’s My Tomboy”. She became an inspiration to many, not just because she was open and not ashamed of her sexuality but also because she used this as motivation to finish her studies.

“Gusto ko yung maisip ng mga babae or mga magulang na may future din sila kahit tomboy yung karelasyon nila. Kapag tomboy dapat marami kang achievements eh. Kailangan may maipagmamalaki ka talaga,” Clar said.

(I just want the ladies or their parents to see that they still have a future even if they are in a relationship with a tomboy. If you are a tomboy, then you have to have a lot of achievements. You need to have a lot of things to be proud of.)

Participating in the #PubertyChallenge, Clar shared photos of her incredible transformation – and it has taken the internet by storm!

From a charming little girl to a beautiful woman, it really can’t be denied that Clar has truly transformed into a handsome tomboy. A lot of her fans commented how amazed they are that she looks so handsome but also still so beautiful at the same time.

With her long hair, she isn’t your typical “super boyish” tomboy. And it’s something the fans love about her!

What’s a Tomboy?

A tomboy is a girl who acts boyish and enjoys activities that are traditionally associated with boys; she may be sexually attracted to other girls or could still prefer boys.

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