LOOK: Beggar’s Impressive Charcoal Drawings on Pavement

They say that life is not fair – and such has been proven countless of times by many people facing different situations in life. But it is also said that people might not have everything in life, many don’t even have much, yet we all have a different talent, a different purpose in life.

Do you agree with that?

Netizen Lealei Bernadette Arios Piano shared photos of an old beggar whose impressive drawings on pavement would rival art made by a lot of famous artists! Amazingly, though he was only using charcoal (and that piece of charcoal he’s holding actually looks like the charcoal people use for cooking!), the drawings he made on the pavement looked absolutely stunning!

Impressed by what she saw, Lealei took photos of the old beggar and his art, sharing these on social media where a lot of netizens also expressed admiration.

According to the young lady, the beggar often hangs out and asks for food at the overpass near Fairview Central Mall (FCM) in Novaliches, Quezon City. Many times, this old beggar only gets to eat leftover food he was able to scavenge from the trash bins or given to him by passersby.

But though this old man might just be an ordinary person, a poor guy who doesn’t even have much, it was amazing that he had this incredible talent to draw.

Can you just imagine what he would have been able to achieve if he had been given the chance to undergo formal education on doing art?

He might just be an ordinary person yet he definitely has extraordinary talent!

A lot of netizens hoped that the old man would find the help he needed from many people, especially because he could actually sell his work if he puts these in canvas or some other medium that people can bring back home.