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Indian Tycoon Constructs 90 Homes for the Poor to Celebrate Daughter’s Wedding

Most wealthy parents shower their children with lavish gifts on their wedding day to express how much they love them. While this has become a norm for many rich families, an Indian tycoon decided to do something equally different and wonderful to celebrate his daughter’s wedding.

Ajay Munot, a cloth and wheat wholesaler in Maharashtra, India, has decided to build 90 houses for the homeless instead of spending his money on a lavish wedding for his daughter Sheyra. Munot realized that there is a better way of spending the money rather than investing it in a one day event. With the help of Prakash Bamb, a family friend and member of the Legislative Assembly, he came up with the decision that will change the lives of many slum dwellers in their town.


The wealthy businessman started building 108 houses on two acres of land with the goal of finishing them on his daughter’s wedding day. However, he only managed to finish 90 of them by the time the bride and the groom said their “I do’s”.

In order to get a free home from Munot, the person had to be poor, must be living in slums in the town and must not suffer from any kind of addiction. Those who were selected by Munoc and his family now have a safe haven as well as access to electricity and potable water.

Luckily, both his daughter and the groom were supportive of Munot’s decision to help the needy. In fact, they were the ones who gave the house keys to the beneficiaries.

Sheyra told ANI: “I am very happy with the decision and consider it the biggest gift for my wedding”.

Meanwhile, Munot encouraged fellow wealthy people to follow the same concept.

“This is the new chapter in history and I hope that the same concept will be followed by the other rich communities,” Munot said.

“We have some responsibilities towards our society and we tried to comply with it.”

Watch the video.

What should you expect in an Indian wedding?

An Indian wedding is usually filled with rituals, traditions and celebration that lasts for several days. About 100 to 100,000 people attend the wedding and oftentimes, guests are not known directly by the bride and groom.


Woman Who Stole A Family Parking Space Bragged That She Has 3 Cars And “Money To Burn”




We have seen a lot of people argue about parking spaces but none like this! In Singapore, a woman who was clearly alone stole a parking space form a family who was supposed to park in a family lot.

Family lots are for drivers who carry families with them. If you have an elderly or a kid in the car, then the space is reserved for you and you have all the right to park there.

Unfortunately for this family of 3 kids (1 baby) who wanted to go to the mall to enjoy a nice movie, the parking space that was meant for them was stolen by this Singaporean woman.


The woman was caught on video. When the man confronted him, she became very arrogant and boasted of her 3 cars and even told him that she has “money to burn” and that is known for being rich. In the video, she doesn’t seem very well.


Such attitude infuriated the male driver not just because of the parking space, but because privileges like this can be easily taken advantage by people who are not deserving– and she is not even apologetic.

The Facebook post garnered 2,700 likes, 8,500 shares, and 169 comments as of writing and the netizens have a lot to say!

Many criticized the woman for having “money to burn” but no money to have her teeth fixed! It is a hilarious comment but it makes sense.


While others, pointed out her being a lonely individual. Stang Cheng, a netizen, commented that she knows the woman because she is her neighbor. She did confirm that the woman has 3 cars but parks in the loading/unloading area. The woman has given her the same attitude as well but, she feels pity for her because she has no family she can take with her in her cars.


What the woman did was really rude that she even made it to their local newspaper’s headline! However, the third comment above makes sense as to why she only has her money and cars as her refuge.


Lucky for the man because he has a family to take to the movies to.

Watch the video below:

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Driver and Honest Passenger Praised for Returning Php400k Cash to OFW Owner




Everyone knows how stressful it can be to lose money, especially if the amount is big; thus, those who return valuables or money they find often earn praise from others. After all, these people might have chosen to keep the items for themselves but still do the right thing by returning what isn’t theirs.

That’s what happened to an honest passenger and driver who returned a bundle of money in US dollars, worth Php400k, to the rightful owner who turned out to be an overseas Filipino worker.

Photo credit: Tublay PNP / Wow Cordillera

Erwil Payangdo Agyapas, the honest passenger, spotted the bundle of cash inside the jeepney driven by Jimmer Antos Denson in Tublay, Benguet. Instead of pocketing the cash for his own use, something he could have easily done because jeeps have no CCTV and there were no other witnesses to say he stolen the money, Agyapas told Denson about the bundle of money.

The two decided to take the cash to Tublay Municipal Police Station. The policemen were able to trace the rightful owner, an overseas Filipino worker from Kapangan, also in Benguet.

For their honest actions, Tublay Mayor Armand Lauro commended Agyapas and Denson, especially after learning that this was not the first time Agyapas returned money he found. Agyapas said he knows the pain of losing money and valuables; thus, he always returns anything he finds, knowing the owner will be hurt if the item is not returned.

Photo credit: Tublay PNP / Wow Cordillera

The mayor told the two, “With what you did, it made me believe that there are indeed people like you who return money without second thoughts. This is a good reflection for our constituents this Lenten season that there are still good and honest people in this world, worthy to be emulated.

Mayor Lauro rewarded the two with some money and had them included in the list of people who will receive special commendations in November, in time for the town’s annual foundation day celebration.

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Physician Board Topnotcher was Also Nursing Board Topnotcher in 2011




Jerald Lalaguna Pelayo already holds a license as nurse, something he earned in 2011 – and he was topnotcher at the time! But just recently, he also topped the physician board exams! Wow.

Pelayo hails from Masbate but graduated from Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the Mountain View College, an Adventist school in Bukidnon in southern Philippines. He topped the nursing board exams in 2011.

Instead of sticking to the nursing profession, however, Pelayo went on to study medicine at the University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center in Quezon City.

Photo credit: Inquirer

His background in nursing and the fact that he topped the board exams greatly helped him in his studies to become a doctor. Some 7 years after he topped the nursing board exams, he made history by topping the 2018 Physician Licensure Examination with a rating of 88.17%. Isn’t that wonderful?

With these two major achievements, you might have thought he had always wanted to become a doctor when he was young but Pelayo admitted that he initially wished to become a missionary.

Pelayo is a Seventh-Day Adventist who wished to help the poor people living in the fringes of society. But he later found his calling in the medical field.

Siguro po yung inspiration ko talaga is yung service to the people and especially yung hindi nari-reach ng ating government,” the new doctor revealed.

(Probably my inspiration is giving service to people, and especially those who are not reached by the government.)

The young doctor plans to specialize in internal medicine and hopes to get more training in the US. He’s currently taking a series of exams to fulfill that dream. But considering his excellent track record in taking exams, we’re quite sure he’d pass these tests with flying colors.

Congratulations, Dr. Jerald Lalaguna Pelayo!

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