Kids Sell Noodles, Other Stuff to Help Parents Who Lost Jobs Due to COVID Crisis

Kids sell noodles and other stuff to help their parents who lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 crisis. The kids spend their days at the sidewalk, trying to earn money so they can have some food! Their plight has gone viral, sparking debate on whether this was a good idea or not.

Kids Help Parents

kids sell noodles

Photo credit: Love N Care / Facebook

In a post on Facebook page, Love n Care, it was revealed that the four kids in the pictures are siblings who had been selling dried noodles, practice books, and other stuff at a sidewalk at Prima Setapak in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The four would sit by the sidewalk for hours, selling the goods until late in the afternoon or early evening. Taking pity on the kids, many passersby often buy from them.

It turned out that their parents had lost their jobs amid the movement control order (MCO). So, the kids are trying their best to help out in selling stuff so they can have money for food and other needs.

The kids were also spotted studying from time to time while selling the goods. It seems that these are diligent kids who simply want to help their parents.

But many netizens were concerned for their safety. After all, there is a reason why people are restricted from going out and why workers lost their jobs – that’s all because of the virus! It is best for people, especially children, to stay at home where they can be safer.

Many also expressed concern that the kids are spending hours at the sidewalk, without even an umbrella to shelter them from the sun and rain. They could get sick easily with their exposure to the elements.

Netizens are hoping that these kids’ parents can find a job soon so that these children can go back to the safety of their home…

Jobs You Can Do Even in COVID Crisis

The COVID-19 crisis caused a lot of people to lose their jobs but there are still jobs that you can do even with the on-going pandemic.

Selling food and other stuff is one of the most popular options to earn money these days. Delivery riders and similar jobs are also a good option, especially if you have your own motorcycle.

Online jobs such as freelance writing, graphics design, virtual assistant, online tutorials, blogging, and other similar options are also great to do. Check out what skills you can offer and use that to earn money.