Grab Passenger Overhears Driver Talking to Wife about Sick Baby, Seeks Help from Netizens

In our everyday lives, we just couldn’t help but overhear conversations; and even if we are not part of those conversations, some of them can have a huge impact on our lives.

Take for example that passenger who unexpectedly overhears the moment the Grab driver discovers his wife was cheating on him. That was embarrassing but the story would soon make rounds on social media, leading many people to wish their partners would always be loyal with them.

Recently, another passenger overhears the conversation between the Grab driver and his wife. This time around, however, the two aren’t having marital troubles but were struggling with their child’s condition.

According to Maria Isabel Chy Siaton on a Facebook post, they were on their way to Megamall on board the Grab car with plate number VZ 8850 driven by Alvin Acdol Gelizon.

On the way to the mall, however, she overheard the driver’s conversation with his wife. He was trying to assure his wife that everything was going to be alright, telling her to be extra careful with the baby to ensure the child won’t be in so much pain.

He also assured her that despite the fact he won’t be able to drive for five days the following week because the owner will be going to the province, he will try to find a sideline and she should not worry about a thing.

Hearing his wife cry, he told her to be strong and promised to be home in a while to help care for the child.

Photo credit: The Coverage

Grab Driver: “Mi, pray ka lang. Bantayan mo yung swero ni baby ha. Pag magalaw nga tayong matatanda, masakit na. Ano pa kaya sa bata diba. Pakatatag ka. 

Mi, uuwi pala probinsya si (may binaggit sya name) may ari siguro nung kotse. Limang araw ako walang byahe kaya mag sasideline ako. Ako na bahala ha. Wag mo na isipin yun. Gagawan ko to ng paraan. 

Wag ka umiyak. Akala ko ba matapang ka. pakita mo tapang mo ha. Wag mo ko alalahanin, okay lang ako. Isipin mo yung bata kelangan ka nya jan ha. Wag kana umiyak. Mamaya maya din uwi na ako.

Who wouldn’t be touched after hearing such a heartbreaking conversation? So, instead of trip costing just Php273, Maria gave the driver Php1,000. She nearly cried upon learning the driver’s baby had a hole in the heart and was, thus, struggling to live. The driver broke down and cried his heart out.

Taking pity on the child’s condition, she shared the story and the driver’s name so that other passengers can also help him in the future. We could only hope that his baby will be alright…