Incredible Video of Goalkeeper Blocking 5 Penalty Goals with his FACE!

With a soccer goal so big, there are hundreds of spots the players can hit to score a goal – hoping the goalkeeper would not manage to block the shot.

What are the chances of a goalie being hit square on the face during a penalty kick, anyway? For professional players, it would be close to none, of course – but in this hilarious skit by Studio C, the goalie managed to save not one but five (!) goals using his face! Ouch!

Watch the amazing but surely very painful saves by the incredible goalie of the day: Scott Sterling!

The Awesome Goalie

Of course, by now you have surely realized that this was a fictitious game with fictitious saves from a fictitious goalie, Scott Sterling. Yet, it was awesome to watch, nonetheless, right? The third shot actually gave it away – even if you did not suspect a thing during the first two penalty kicks.

At the end of the game (which the team won, of course) Scott Sterling looked like he came from a boxing match, not a soccer game.

You’ve got to give a hand to Studio C for this awesome video – and props to the players who were actually able to hit him squarely on the face! I am quite sure those were really hard to do.

What is a goalkeeper?

In soccer and several sports, a goalkeeper is that one player who guards the goal so that the opposing team could not score. He is tasked to guard the goal and use various methods or techniques to make sure the ball does not get past him.

He is the only player allowed to touch the ball using his hands or arms– but only in the designated penalty area.

Because the aim of the game is to score as many goals as possible, the goalkeeper has the tough job of making sure the kicks from the 10 players of the opposing team will not get past him.

So, Scott Sterling had a very tough job to do. How he managed to make the save using his face in all those 5 kicks – awesome!

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