You’ll Love this Grandpa…He Tirelessly Danced to Gangnam Style at an Arcade. Amazing!

We often equate old age with frail bodies, slow movements, and fatigue – yet this grandpa will surely amaze you.

He was spotted at an arcade in SM Baguio while dancing to the beat of Gangnam Style. It appears that he was able to follow through the song from start to finish, gaining him a large audience who were all amazed at his cool moves. I didn’t know an old man could last that energetic dancing!

Netizen Jhen Español Catampatan-Minguez posted a video of the grandpa but she was not able to ask his name. Still, judging from the many young people who were taking a video of the dancing old man, you can tell they were all in awe of his actions. There might even be others who uploaded their own clip of the cool grandpa!

I think this grandpa is amazing – and you have to agree with me on that one, too!

Here’s the video clip Jhen posted on Facebook:

Oh, by the way, if you think this grandpa is the only old person with awesome skills, then you haven’t read about this grandma: New World Record: 100-Year-Old Japanese Competes in 1,500-m Freestyle Swim!

Gangnam Style

This K-pop single by South Korean musician Psy was so popular that weeks after it was released, it literally broke the internet – well, YouTube, anyway.

Considering that the song is made up entirely of gibberish lyrics, it was shocking that YouTube had to make changes to their system to accommodate the millions of views pouring in each day. YouTube’s viewer counter broke at 2,147,483,647 views, leading the company to upgrade its software to handle the larger views.

Gangnam Style was the first video to ever hit one billion views! Moreover, the song was also a worldwide success, not just in South Korea or in the US. In fact, it topped the charts in over 30 countries, for several weeks! Wow! That’s amazing for a song which most people don’t really understand.

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