I Didn’t Know Roller Skating Can Be This Exciting…and Dangerous!

I had always known that roller skating can be so much fun yet a brother and sister tandem on Britain’s Got Talent has changed my perspective on this sport. I did not know that it can be this exciting and dangerous!

Considering how “simple” roller skating can be, the two had to make sure they perform something exciting for the judges and the audience to like their act. Of course, considering how well the two performed their act, this is not the first time they did this kind of stunt.

It is amazing how they managed to increase the excitement factor by several notches – and had the audience and the judges at the edge of their seats! TV viewers were advised not to do these stunts at home as they truly looked dangerous, especially when Billy began slamming Emily around their little stage.

Watch the video below. Warning: it is not for the fainthearted!

According to the pair, they began roller skating as kids – some 20 years ago. It was their mom who introduced them to roller skating and they were soon hooked. It is great to see that they were able to hone their skills in the sport and create such a marvelous (though dangerous) act.

Artistic Roller Skating

What Emily and Billy did was not just simple roller skating but something called “artistic roller skating”; though I would think the best term would have been extreme roller skating.

The sport is similar to figure skating, with the participants performing various stunts while using roller skates. Dancers can perform alone or with a group, with the latter best described as synchronized skating.

The performance by Emily and Billy was certainly awesome! They created their own moves and stunned the audience with their tricks. Surely, their parents are quite proud of their talent.