Hungry Kitten Makes Funny Noises While Eating and Guarding Its Food

Do you have pets at home? Have you noticed how some of them have better temperament than others, especially when it comes to feeding and sharing their food?

For example, there’s this little kitten we read about on HensPark who became a viral hit after its noisy eating habits got noticed by Rumble Viral who posted the video on YouTube.

According to the video description, the Bengal-mix kitten enjoyed its food so much that it was making funny noises, including “yum! yum! yum!” or “nom! nom! nom!” – clearly showing that it appreciates the delicious dish it is nibbling on.

Noisy eaters can be annoying but you’ve got to admit this cute little kitten makes an exception to that rule. Anyone can be a noisy eater at our dining table if he/she/it is as appreciative as this kitty cat.

There are those who think this kitten was not trying to show its appreciation on the food it was served but was actually angrily guarding it from the bigger cat at its back who was trying to nibble some of the treats. Instead of making cute sounds, the cat was supposedly making grumbling noises as it tries to tell the other cat to back off from its food. Hmmmmm.

We’re not an expert on cat noises and behavior, so we’ll leave this to you. Do you think the tiny kitten was enjoying its meal and trying to show appreciation by saying “yum! yum! yum!” or was it trying to growl at the other cat?

Check out this video and tell us what you think:

Cat Temperament

As with people, cats also have different temperaments. Cat temperament is often associated with breed; though this could also be directly affected by the presence of other pets in the house, especially dogs.

Some cats are quiet and often content with being by themselves while others meow all the time and do not like being left alone. There are cats that enjoy being petted, even by strangers, while there are those that only tolerate their owner’s touch.

Cats can be fussy about their food; though, in general, are not as aggressive when it comes to guarding their meal compared with dogs.