Heartwarming Video Shows FOX5 Paying For This Veteran’s Groceries

The holiday season is always a good time to spread love to needy individuals. Sharing blessings with others is a great way to cheer them up and give them hope, despite their personal struggles and challenges.

That’s why we think what the Fox5 Las Vegas Surprise Squad recently did for several unsuspecting shoppers was fantastic. This was in time for the Thanksgiving feast and it took place at Smith’s Grocery Store. Led by reporter Cassandra Jones, the customers were interviewed what they had in their cart and then were told they didn’t have to pay for it anymore.

The most heartwarming part of the entire experiment, however, is with Victor Moss, a local veteran who declined at first but was eventually convinced by Cassandra. He admitted he was celebrating the occasion with his fiancé who’s also disabled.

“I see this on TV, but I just don’t believe it. I’m retired, I’m military disable. It’s so wonderful now, thank you. I’ll get home and start cooking and enjoying myself and have a wonderful Thanksgiving from Fox5,” said Victor.

You can watch the video here:

With over 300,000 YouTube views in just a week’s time, we have a feeling this video will continue being shared on social media.

Anyway, thumbs up to Fox5 for brightening up this guy’s day. It’s not everyday that we hear wonderful stories but this one really had us choked up.

All About Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated primarily in United States and Canada every year. Usually, the occasion is celebrated on the 4th Thursday of November in the US and on the 2nd Monday of October in Canada. Traditionally, Thanksgiving is a special time for people to look back and express gratitude for the harvest of the preceding year.

Most families serve turkey as part of the festivities.

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