Hardworking Lady Sells Food in a Cart She Pushes Even While She’s Barefoot

She is too poor to afford buying shoes or even slippers but this did not stop an old lady from going out every single day to push her cart and sell food from her mobile food stall, whatever the weather might be.

She must think that she needs to do this daily so that she can earn enough money for her basic needs. It might even be possible that even at her old age, she is still supporting her own family – for many believe that people as old as she is should stop physical labor and simply stay at home and be supported by their families, not the other way around!

In a post that has since gone viral on Proud Pinoy, the Facebook page shared some of this old lady’s photos although she was not identified, nor did the page mention where she can be found.

old lady

Photo credit: Proud Pinoy

Some helpful netizens revealed that she is not really Filipino but someone who is in Thailand. Still, despite knowing that the old lady is not in the Philippines, many Filipinos still decided to help spread the word about her in hope that wherever she might actually be, whether she’s really Filipino or not, that someone could help give her a better life.

Netizens hoped that someone could give this old lady a pair of slippers, better yet shoes!

Also, they think that the government, whichever country that might be, should give her something safer to do such as provide her with a permanent stall at the market or some busy spot with plenty of foot traffic so she wouldn’t have to go across town to sell her goods – let her customers find her, instead!

Photo credit: Proud Pinoy

Photo credit: Proud Pinoy

What are Food Stalls?

Food stalls are structures that allow a person to sell food; often, the food stall also has a stove and space for cooking. Food stalls are popular in many countries in Asia where street food is a favorite among customers.

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