Guy takes GF and Her Mom to Dinner, Refuses to Pay Bill after Mom’s Friends Arrive

A man who was trying to impress his future mother-in-law got into trouble with his girlfriend and her mother when he refused to pay the bill because the older woman’s friends arrived and joined the meal!

The unnamed Taiwanese man took his girlfriend and her mom to a Japanese restaurant for a birthday treat. It is unknown whether it was the mom’s birthday but the guy promised to foot the bill for the dinner.

But things soon took a turn for worse when unexpected guests arrived.

First, it was his girlfriend’s brother. Acknowledging that he’s going to be a family member in the future, the boyfriend did not react to the brother’s arrival.

But while they were enjoying their food, the mother’s friends arrived! They ordered more food and the bewildered boyfriend could only scratch his head as the dinner for three turned into a feast for eight adults and two children.

Things got even worse when the final bill was given and the tally was a whopping 45,600 New Taiwan Dollars ($1,500)! Angry over the huge bill, the boyfriend refused to pay and began quarreling with his girlfriend.

Sensing that something was amiss, the girl’s brother decided to pay for the bill using his credit card. To appease her boyfriend, the girl paid 35,000 New Taiwan Dollars ($1,160) on his behalf but he was too angry that he slapped her.

The girl posted the story on social media, saying that she was hurt that he would do that to her and that she was unsure whether she should take him back even after he apologized.

But while there were those who sided with the girl, especially because the angry guy slapped her, many took his side and told her that the bill was too much for a dinner and that the family should have told him they would bring friends – or that the mother shouldn’t have brought her friends in the first place!