Guy Shares Life Hack to Turn Cellphone into Mini Computer

Everyone knows that computers can be so expensive. Even secondhand computers still cost a lot of money. But one guy recently shared a life hack to turn a cellphone into a mini computer – and it actually works!

How to Turn a Cellphone into Mini Computer

Thanks to the many affordable options available in the market, most people these days own a smartphone. But computers remain too expensive for many to buy one for their home. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, offices and schools are limiting face-to-face activities. Thus, many are doing their work or school activities at home.

While cellphones have also become a practical gadget to use for these activities, they do have plenty of limitations. A computer still offers more options for users and is easier to use when it comes to making presentations, spreadsheets, and various projects that students or workers need to make.

Indeed, computers can be expensive but one guy was able to convert his cellphone into a mini computer with just a few cheap items he got from Shopee.

Photo credit: Alex Anshely Smith / Facebook

Posting on Facebook account Alex Anshely Smith, this clever guy bought a micro USB hub, phone stand, mouse, and keyboard from the online shopping platform. For less than Php500, he was able to convert his cellphone into a mini computer! Impressive, huh?

Alex shared his life hack on his Facebook page, hoping that it could help many people struggling to use their cellphones for their school or work activities. Thanks to this life hack, it will be easier to use the cellphone as a mini computer. Of course, it still has its limitation and the screen is super small, yet this is already a great option to many who can’t afford to buy a real computer yet.

He just warned everyone to first check if their phones are OTG ready before purchasing the items.

How to Check if Phone is OTG Ready

The easiest way to check if your phone is OTG ready is to look at the box it came in. It will show a logo shaped like a USB, with the words “certified USB OTG” or “certified USB on-the-go”.

Another way is to download a USB OTG checker app.

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