Guy Makes Lifesize Cutouts of Wife’s Pictures So Baby Won’t Cry While She’s Busy

Everyone knows how kids are always looking for their moms, even when their dads are around! There’s even a half-joke, half-factual info that “Mom” is the most used word in any household – and “Dad, where’s mom?” is one of the most popular phrases used when kids only see dad in the house. LOL.

But it is a reality in today’s world that many women have jobs outside the house that keep them from spending most of her time in the house. Moreover, there are already a lot of ‘househusbands’ who take care of their kids while their wives are the ones who work. Still, the kids continue to look for mom!

Photo credit: NZ Herald

One dad in Japan found a genius hack to keep their baby from crying and looking for his mom when she’s busy. He made lifesize cardboard cutouts of his wife’s photos, in various poses, so their son could still see her and feel her presence even when she is out of the house.

The clever dad put one lifesize cutout of his wife in the kitchen, smiling at their son just beyond his reach as the baby gates are in place. There is another one of wife sitting on the floor, also smiling at the kid. The Japanese dad made sure that their baby could not reach the cutout, of course, or else the secret would be revealed, and their son would know the cutout isn’t really his mother.

Photo credit: NZ Herald

The life hack actually worked! When the baby wants to see his mother, he just glances her way – and smiles. The child thinks that his mother is really there! Of course, this life hack isn’t going to work some months from now, but the couple would have to think of something else when the time comes.

But for those concerned that the child is being neglected, the dad said that he is actually the one caring for the baby and his wife actually pops in from time to time to check on them.

Photo credit: NZ Herald

What’s a Cutout?

A cutout is a shape of a person or thing that is placed on cardboard or other thick material to make the object stand for display.