Video of Baby and His Adorable Sleeping Buddies Goes Viral

While there are many parents who are afraid to let their kids come in contact with dogs in their home, even small puppies, one baby was lucky enough to have really understanding parents who knew that the best sleeping buddies he could ever have are not soft stuffed toys but two adorable puppies!

In a clip shared on Facebook by Cosmopolitan Australia, the child could be seen sleeping peacefully while one of the puppies is using his left leg as pillow, sleeping in dog fashion with paws on the boy’s leg, the other was more comfortable on his left arm, sleeping like a human.

A few seconds into the clip, the boy moves and looks like he was about to wake up but he goes right back to sleep – and the little pups also moved in similar manner.

Screenshot from video shared by Cosmopolitan Australia / Facebook

Screenshot from video shared by Cosmopolitan Australia / Facebook

While all the child did was sleep alongside his adorable nap buddies, the short clip has gone viral, anyway. In a little over 2 months after it was posted by Cosmopolitan Australia, the video has already been viewed over 24.6 million times!

It is clear to see that these three are very much comfortable with each other and that they are sure to grow the best of friends. How awesome can that be?

Best Dog Breeds for Families with Babies

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Thankfully, there are plenty of dog breeds that are naturally kid-friendly. Some of these dog breeds are:

Watch this adorable clip of the boy and his best nap buddies:


Posted by Cosmopolitan Australia on Tuesday, January 5, 2016