Girl Receives Money from Supportive Mom Who Heard Her Crying the Night Before

Many of us have cried our hearts out because of love. And many have done it again and again and again, not thinking about the hurtful consequences of another break up because they still believe in love, in a prince charming or a beautiful princess that would someday make them feel complete.

One girl who has been in and out of love, experiencing a lot of heartaches, recently shared the story of her sweet surprise from her mother after she cried the night before because of problems with her boyfriend – and the post quickly went viral on Facebook!

Photo credit: Maria Florine Vergara Pressman / Facebook

Maria Florine Vergara Pressman posted last July 19 a photo of Php2,000 ($40) stuck on the fridge door together with a note “Igala mo yan! #DramaPaMore”. In not so many words, the note told her to have fun and enjoy using the money, with the hashtag part a clear indication that her mother had, indeed, heard her crying the night before.

Touched and rather surprised by the gesture, Pressman posted it on Facebook.

She admitted that she knows her mother wanted to get angry at her and tell her to stop having boyfriends because she always ends up getting hurt but the older woman chose to remain silent and just showed support by giving her daughter some money to have a good time so she can forget her heartaches for a while.

It was a beautiful way of saying “I love you” that many children would surely love to receive, no matter how old they are, right?

Pressman joked that her mom surely would love it if she grows to be an old spinster, as long as she wouldn’t have a boyfriend again.

While there were those who slammed Pressman for being a ‘spoiled brat’, many netizens were actually just so happy for her and wished they also had such a supportive, generous mom!