Zark’s Burgers Sends Free Food to Healthcare Providers at Nearby Hospitals

Zark’s Burgers recently went viral after sending lots of free food to the healthcare providers at nearby hospitals, thanking them for working hard through these challenging times.

Frontliners in COVID-19 Pandemic

Zark’s Burgers give free food to hospital workers

Photo credit: Zark’s Burgers / Facebook

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare workers are the ones who are in the frontlines as they try to save the lives of those affected or being monitored by the coronavirus. Many of them have to work longer than their usual shifts, with less food and bathroom breaks in between because they are too busy.

As more hospitals deal with the influx of patients, kind owners and managements of various restaurants have decided to send them some food as “thank you” for their service and to help provide them sustenance in their difficult jobs.

Free Food for Healthcare Workers

Recognizing the efforts of these healthcare providers, Zark’s Burgers sent free food to those on duty at ‘nearby hospitals’. While there are dozens of Zark’s Burgers locations, the company did not indicate from which branch they sent the burgers from and which hospitals they had given the free food to. But what’s really important is that the burger joint is giving out free food to these medical workers – and they definitely deserve the treat.

The brand announced as they shared some pictures taken by the happy medical workers:

Hats off to all our Filipino frontline healthcare providers who are working hard through these challenging times. 🍔🙏

We sent burgers to nearby hospitals as a way to thank them for tirelessly and selflessly ensuring everyone’s safety amid COVID-19.

Thank you all for your service. Saludo kami sa inyo, Zarkada!

Be safe. Let’s help one another. ❤️

This too shall pass! 🙏 #WereAllinThisTogether

What is Zark’s Burgers?

Zark’s Burgers began as a small food stall in 2009 owned by Rolanderi Viktor “Zark” Varona, an HRM graduate. Today, the brand has grown to over 20 branches in Metro Manila alone, a dozen in North Luzon, 14 stores in South Luzon, 5 locations in East Luzon, 4 branches in Visayas, and 2 more stores in Mindanao.