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Girl Gives Expensive Shoes to Boyfriend on Monthsary, Sparks Debate

These days, you can see a lot of ladies in the workforce,ladies who chose having a career over just staying at home and taking care of the kids. This has also changed the way women see themselves as more have become empowered and don’t really feel like they need a man to ‘complete’ them.

But a young lady who gave her boyfriend an expensive monthsary gift has become the subject of a heated online debate because a lot of netizens believe she shouldn’t have done it! Hmmmm.

The proud boyfriend, Dominic Jose Largo, shared photos of his girlfriend giving him the gift he most wanted: a pair of Nike Concords which he had tried to order but wasn’t able to get from Nike.

It turned out that his girlfriend knew how to better find away to get him the dream shoes: through an online store!

Justine Faith Angeles was able to get her hands on the Nike Concord from Titan, an online sports store. The pair costs Php10,645 on the online store – and this was something that many netizens couldn’t help but comment on,considering that it is ‘too expensive’ to be a monthsary gift.

But it was Angeles’ act of giving the expensive gift to her boyfriend that angered a lot of netizens who believe that it should have been the other way around. Netizens believe Largo should have been the one to surprise her with an expensive gift – but perhaps he did so and she just chose not to announce it?

Besides, what’s wrong with a woman giving an expensive gift to her man, anyway, if she could actually afford it?

But a number of people also raised their eyebrows on Largo’s post as he called Angeles a ‘keeper’. Many slammed this, saying that giving material gifts should not be the basis for calling someone a keeper!

The gift has sparked a heated debate online, forcing Largo to disable the comments section for the post.

To be fair to these two, we see nothing wrong with the girl’s gift or the guy’s post. They were too excited over the monthsary gift – let’s just be happy for them…

Source and photo credits: Dominic Jose Largo / Facebook

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