Bullied When She was Younger, Transgender Becomes Beauty Queen

A transgender beauty queen has recently gone viral after throwback photos of her as a ‘simple’ boy were shared on Facebook page, HugotBeki.

Credited the Marion Pasa, the photos were supposed to be part of the viral #PubertyChallenge wherein netizens posted photos of them as kids (many chose to post unflattering ones for this stage) before they blossomed into gorgeous beauties after puberty.

But these photos shared on HugotBeki were slightly different in that Marion blossomed from an ordinary boy into a gorgeous lady!

In the first photo, a young Marion in school uniform could be seen carrying a makeshift ‘bouquet’ of what looked like rolled up gift wrappers. Even if he’s wearing a school uniform that was clearly for boys, Marion already looks girlish.

In the post by Trending News Portal, Marion’s story was captioned as “Be careful who you bully” while HugotBeki joked, “Baka yung binu-bully mo noon, pangarap mo na ngayon. #PubertyChallenge ????????” (Perhaps the one you bullied before, is someone you dream of now.)

On HugotBeki, several netizens just couldn’t believe that the girlish boy in the younger photo has grown up into this gorgeous transgender lady. Many said that they could not believe the transformation but feel good for her as she has finally found her place in the world.

Others commented that other netizens are unfair because most transgenders get bullied after the come out but exceptions are made for the gorgeous ones. What do you think of these photos?

What’s a Transgender?

In the past, we only heard about gays and lesbians but in recent years, new terms have been developed, including ‘transgender’. Google defines ‘transgender’ as “denoting or relating to a person whose sense of personal identity and gender does not correspond with their birth sex.”