Fun New Way to Dress Up Your Family: Matching Outfits!

Parents like you and me constantly try to find ways to have fun with the family or enjoying exciting moments together. This could mean taking a trip to Disneyland or at local theme parks like Star City and the Enchanted Kingdom. There are, of course, many times when all it takes is a glass of juice and a board game to keep everyone happy.

Now, during special occasions, such as birthdays, and for family photos, would it be fun to dress up alike? There’s this new way of dressing up the entire family: matching outfits!

It started with couple shirts but fashion designers soon realized there is a market for families to dress up in matching outfits. Personally, I enjoy this idea as I have always thought of having t-shirts printed with the same design so we could wear the same clothes even for just a day or during fun-filled events.

Then, for my son’s birthday last January, I really scoured the web for ready-made matching clothes for our family. It was by chance that I stumbled upon an FB store called Dress-Up Like Mom Terno Outfit. At first, I thought it was just for mother-daughter clothes but the choices got me really excited because they actually offer several choices for entire families!

terno red

Our matching outfits for our son’s birthday

What I also loved is that the sets are not fixed, meaning you can choose the clothes you want to order because they are available in several sizes. So, you can pick the right sizes for the kids; however, the ones for parents have fixed sizes but since the items are stretchable, these can fit larger framed people like myself.

One more thing, the sets can be changed to suit your needs. For example, you might have two girls or two boys. You can always choose those options; subject to availability, of course.

And the prices? You’d be amazed at how affordable the sets are, actually. The prices differ, depending on the style you choose and the number of clothes you order – but would you believe me if I told you a set of 4 clothes could cost you as low as P800+ while a set of 3 could be as low as P750? I know right! Unbelievably cheap but truly awesome. Our family can definitely attest to that fact.

terno blue

We got a second set ready for our daughter’s first birthday. She received a princess dress from her designer/dressmaker grandma but the rest of us wore the second terno set [excuse the overweight me, though LOL].

Wearing Matching Outfits

It is believed that the trend of wearing matching outfits began in South Korea. The trend started with couple shirts then expanded to family outfits. Quite quickly, the trendy matching clothes spread across various cultures and reached countries like the Philippines where fun-loving people embraced this fun new way of dressing up.

I just can’t get enough of our matching clothes, so I would browse the FB store from time to time.

I found a superb blue set – it was not there in time for my daughter’s party or else I would have chosen that for us! However, the set was simply perfect for my niece’s Frozen-themed birthday party. Leanne wanted an Elsa dress but when we told her we’re getting a set from the terno outfits, she loved it!

matching clothes family

I think I would order a new set for my birthday this April and another for my husband’s birthday in November. Then, perhaps another for December! LOL This terno thing is addictive…

I know there’s bound to be lots of questions about where we bought the clothes and how to buy them…Well, I can’t answer that because I don’t sell them but you can go directly to the store’s FB page for answers to your queries: Dress-Up Like Mom Terno Outfit. Ms. Analyn C. Baluyan, the store’s owner will gladly answer your questions.

Have fun shopping!