Transgender Couple Switch Roles to Have Kids

Bianca Bowser was born male but now living as a woman with husband Nick Bowser who was born female. The two have long been undergoing various hormone treatments so their bodies could change to the respective genders they wanted to be in but decided that they should stop the therapy for a while so they can have their own kids.

Despite identifying with the opposite gender, both had not undergone gender reassignment surgery; thus it was possible for them to conceive naturally. The two reveal to curious people that inside the bedroom, they might act using the organs they had at birth but this does not change their gender perspective of each other.

Still, when Nick got pregnant, he hated it. Despite wanting to have kids with Bianca and his body working as it naturally should, he said his mind hated it and wanted to reject the fact that he was pregnant. He absolutely adores his two sons now but revealed that the combined total of 18 months he was pregnant with the two were the worst in his life.

Today, the two are raising their adorable sons who identify Bianca as the mommy and Nick as the daddy despite it being Nick who had actually birthed them. According to the two, they are going to tell their kids the truth when they get older as they only want the two to know the reality of the unique circumstances they were born in.

The two have resumed hormone treatments after the kids were born and have adapted to their roles (Nick as dad, Bianca as mom) in their home. Though the family might seem a bit odd to outsiders, the two do not mind because they love each other and their kids.

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A transgender is a person whose body and physical attributes, especially the reproductive system, belongs to one gender but he/she identifies with the opposite gender. The term is not specific, however, because there are transgenders who identify with the opposite gender but prefer to enter into relationships with people of that gender.

For example, we recently wrote about a transgender man who was born a woman but identifies himself as a man – and he is married to a straight man. They even had a child together.

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