FoodPanda Rider Slips in Heavy Rain, Picks Himself Up to Continue with Delivery

A FoodPanda rider earned both pity and praise from netizens after he was spotted slipping in the heavy rain, but quickly picking himself up to continue with the delivery despite what happened.

Food Delivery Riders as Frontliners

Throughout the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) period, people are told to stay at home. Thankfully, restaurants were still allowed to operate as long as they offer delivery service.

Since many restaurants have partnered with a third-party food delivery service like GrabFood and FoodPanda, these riders are also allowed to work. This ensures that people still have plenty to eat despite being locked down in their homes. As such food delivery riders are also considered as frontliners.

FoodPanda rider

Photo credit: Low Kh / Facebook

What’s sad is that there are people who become too impatient if their delivery riders take too long to bring their food. Some cancel the order or simply ignore the rider when they arrive because the customer is no longer interested in the food!

A guy living in Johor Bahru, Malaysia recently shared photos of a FoodPanda who had the misfortune of slipping in the street amid the heavy rain pouring in the area. According to Low Kh, he spotted the FoodPanda rider slip on the street in front of his home.

The rain was pouring heavily at the time. But even before he could help, the delivery rider swiftly got up with the help of other riders who happened to be near him when the accident happened.

Quickly, the rider checked the food in his box instead of checking whether he was injured! It’s sad to see that, Low said, especially knowing that there are customers who would cancel the order if the rider takes too long to arrive.

FoodPanda rider

Photo credit: Low Kh / Facebook

“Hopefully, please forgive these front-line workers in this outbreak. If you order takeout, please wait early, don’t cancel your order or not answer your phone because of waiting. Some say they’ll get points so slow, they have to drive fast.

Maybe try to understand the nature of their work first. They are really hard and adventurous work. Thank you for your understanding, thankful maybe we can’t do the best and try our best. (photos taken by netizens on a rainy day, the road was slippery day, he flipped over the car.

Netizens also helped him up and helped him up, he did not care about where he injured himself hurt himself, but instead checked his food box to see him. Did the food fall down before picking up his phone on the ground. I feel sad to watch it).”

Food Box for Motorcycles

Motorcycles are not designed to carry cargo. That’s why companies modify the motorcycles to add a food box so the riders can properly store the food while keeping both hands free to control the motorcycle.

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