Puppy Shares Blanket with Stray Dog

We have heard many stories of dogs showing loyalty and compassion to their humans and to other animals but it is still heartwarming to read more of such stories, proving that humans are not the only ones who know how to show compassion.

In Brazil, a dog named Lana showed the world that dogs are just like humans – or maybe even better than humans when it comes to showing compassion and love for others.

Lana is 8 months old, very much a puppy by most standards. She had experienced living in the streets with her siblings but was luckily saved by kindhearted people who took them to a shelter.

Photo credit: Suelen Schaumloeffel / The Dodo

Suelen Schaumloeffel and her fiancé would later adopt Lana, providing her a loving home where she was given tender loving care and all the food she needs. To ensure she gets all the activity she wants to do, Lana is not leashed but could freely roam the couple’s large, fenced yard.

She also had a comfortable dog house where she gets to sleep anytime she wants to.

One rather cold day, Schaumloeffel bought a blanket for Lana so she can be warm and more comfortable inside her dog house. She placed the blanket inside the dog house, showing the dog that it belongs inside the spot.

But much to her fiancé’s surprise, he saw Lana sleeping outside the dog house the following day instead of in her dog house. It surprised him more to see that Lana had dragged her blanket to the fence and was now sharing it with a stray dog that was outside the fence!

Photo credit: Suelen Schaumloeffel / The Dodo

Isn’t that sweet?

Schaumloeffel and her fiancé tried to help the other dog and check whether his owner’s contact details are on his tag but it quickly ran away. They are still trying to help the dog but while it would come back and eat the meals they give it, the frightened canine would quickly run away when they try to approach it.

The couple hopes they could earn the dog’s trust soon so they could help it out. Meanwhile, Lana continues to share her blanket with her new friend…