Fitness Freak ‘Ghost’ Caught on Camera Using Outdoor Gym Equipment

A fitness freak ‘ghost’ was caught on camera using outdoor gym equipment. Police were called to the scene and could do nothing but take videos as evidence of the strange incident.

Fitness Freak ‘Ghost’

In the city of Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh, northern India, there’s a park that also doubles as an outdoor gym. There are plenty of gym equipment across the park for people to use.

But two of these gym equipment would figure in a strange video that left a lot of netizens scratching their heads in wonder. Although there were no people around, the two gym machines began moving up on down, swinging hard as if some people were working out really hard.

The strange movement of the shoulder press machines got people scared. So, they called the cops. But the cops could not do anything about it because they had no one to catch or stop in the first place. The outdoor gym equipment kept moving on their own, even without no people or no external machine attached that might have made them move in this manner.

fitness freak ‘ghost’ caught on camera

Photo credit: Twitter / @upcoprahul

Later on, the cops sent to investigate the strange incident reported that the gym equipment moved that way due to a prank. Someone had put too much grease on the equipment, making these move. They claimed that this was the handiwork of someone who simply wanted to make a viral video out of the fitness freak ‘ghost’.

But many netizens are not buying the explanation, saying that if excessive grease is to be blamed for the strange movement, there is still no explanation why the equipment was moving so rapidly! Check this out and tell us whether you think this is a ‘grease prank’ or a paranormal activity:

What is Paranormal Activity?

Paranormal activity is a purported phenomenon in popular culture wherein events occur without no scientific or logical explanation. This is often associated with ghosts, spirits, and other supernatural beings.

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