Don’t Throw Your Lemon Peels Yet; You’ll Be Surprised by Their Many Uses

Lemons are a must in the kitchen. Aside from the plenty of health benefits it gives us, lemons taste great and refreshing as a fruit or even when used as a cooking ingredient. These fruits are also versatile cleaning agents in the house and have antibacterial properties for disinfecting. Moreover, lemon juice can make our skin look younger by lightening our unwanted dark spots.

But what happens to the lemon peels after using the fruit? Many of us simply throw these away thinking it’s just a trash in the house.

After reading their uses, you might want to store those peels and explore the things you can do with it. Here are five uses of lemon peels we’ve collected from and DIYnatural.

uses of lemon peels

1. Teeth Whitener

Want whiter teeth? Since lemon peels also contain citric acid, it has the ability to whiten your teeth fast. Simply rub the inner white part of the peel on your teeth for just a few minutes. Don’t forget to gargle after rubbing. Take note that this home remedy should be used sparingly to prevent tooth sensitivity.

2. Air Freshener

Many artificial air fresheners are in lemon flavour so why not use real lemon peels instead? In a medium sized pot, combine lemon peels, water, vanilla, and cinnamon sticks. This is a perfect concoction to make your room smell fresh.

3. Cat Repellant

If you have unwanted cats roaming around your garden and plants, then lemon peels can do the trick of deterring them. Just scatter the peels on the surface of the soil to prevent them from loitering in the area.

4. Foot Soak

Looking for a DIY natural feet soak? In a pot, boil lemon peels for several minutes. After allowing it to completely cool, strain the lemon peels from the mixture. Add 1/4 cup almond or cow’s milk in the mixture, 2 tablespoons of cold pressed olive oil, as well as several drops of lemon essential oil. Simply soak your feet in this mixture for 20 minutes.

5. Microwave cleaner

Lemon peels are also great cleaning agents. To make your microwave oven smell fresher, simply put lemon peels inside a microwavable bowl half-filled with water. Heat it for 10 minutes allowing the water to boil. The steam it produces will actually freshen up the microwave oven.

In addition, lemon peels can be used as all-purpose cleaners. Check out their other uses on and DIYnatural.