Family Loses Dog at Home, Finds it Living in the Streets Some 60 Miles Away

A family living in Turkey lost their three dogs one day. They were unsure what happened as their house did not have CCTV, but they believe the dogs were taken by someone as opposed to the canines simply running away.

They tried searching for the dogs, yet they never found the canines even after seeking help from their neighbors. After weeks of trying to find the dogs, the family believed they are lost forever.

Photo credit: Sertaç Araç / The Dodo

Sertaç Araç, the dog owners’ son, traveled to a neighboring town about 60 miles away from their hometown when he noticed that a stray dog walking in the streets looks like one of his parents’ dogs, Leo.

The young man was unsure if this was their dog; after all, it was 60 miles away from home! As he was busy at the time with work, he was unable to go closer to check, but he snapped a picture which he sent to his parents.

Photo credit: Sertaç Araç / The Dodo

The dog was thin, dirty, and looking rather sad as it waited outside a café; the young man really thought this dog just looked like Leo. But his parents decided to drive all those miles away, just to check for themselves.

Photo credit: Sertaç Araç / The Dodo

Walking down the street to the café, searching for the dog, all doubt was laid to rest when Leo ran to his owners upon seeing them! The dog happily wagged its tail and moved to hug the couple – that happy greeting truly proved that this was, indeed, the dog they lost at their home!

The couple believe dognappers had taken the dog but were unsure how Leo managed to get away and whether the two other dogs had survived the ordeal. They are hoping that the two dogs can also be found soon…

Photo credit: Sertaç Araç / The Dodo

Watch the unexpected reunion here:


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