Trouble Ensues after Woman’s Wish Comes True at Partner’s Funeral…

Be careful what you wish for, lest it comes true!” This is an adage that would have been useful to this woman in the comedy skit we share in the video below which we found on OMG Social.

A woman was being melodramatic at her partner’s funeral, crying her heart out and wishing out loud that Jesus would come and take her instead of her beloved man. This is something that we might hear from time to time during funerals yet it was different this time as Jesus (the comedic version, of course) happened to be listening to that particular prayer and quickly appeared to take the lady.

Not only was the Jesus in the video ready to take the lady with him, he also awoke the dead man since the lady had already offered to become the replacement. It was clear that this would bring more trouble because the lady does not want to die yet, especially now that her once-dead partner had come back to life. She now wants him back in the coffin so she wouldn’t have to die!

With Jesus insisting the prayer is irreversible, she does the unthinkable: she kills her partner. So, instead of bringing her to heaven like she was supposed to go after her “sacrifice” of trading places with her partner, the lady now has to take a trip to hell – but Jesus will be her personal guide in reaching the place.

This, of course, is just a comedy skit. It shows us that we should not take wishes lightly because they just might come true!

Watch it here:

Funeral Wake

In most cultures, family and friends hold a wake for a dead person, be it at his home or at the funeral home. This is a ceremony of death and is also considered as a social rite.

A lot of people wrongfully believe that the term “wake” for this type of vigil signifies the visitors’ wish that the dead person will wake up. The truth is that the word has long been used to signify that the people attending the vigil stay on watch (like a watch guard) and stay awake.