‘Living Doll’ from China Goes Viral, Reveals Her Face without Makeup

In this day of stunning Instagram photos, a lot of people have earned money from being ‘social media influencers’ – and often, the ones with the most beautiful photos get the more followers. The more followers they have, the bigger chance they have of landing better opportunities and higher income.

Photo credit: Instagram / Living Doll

The ‘Living Doll’ from China is among the top influencers on social media. She looks so much like a porcelain doll and certainly looks the part, dressing up just like a doll and posing to look like one.

If you just look at her photos and the setting, you might think she really is just a life-sized doll that someone dressed up in many different costumes and made to pose in different ways.

Identified as Kina Shen, the ‘Living Doll’ hails from Shenzhen, China. A lot of people wondered how she looks like without the makeup, especially after learning that she is from China. After all, Chinese people have slanted eyes, right? But the ‘Living Doll’ have huge eyes that made her look more like a cartoon character than a real human being.

To date, Shen has over 700k followers on Instagram. She made her debut on social network in 2013, quickly gaining followers not just in her homeland but across the world as well. People just couldn’t get enough of her striking beauty.

She identifies as a Gothic model and loves dark hues which contrast beautifully with her porcelain-like skin.

All this time I thought I was dark, but maybe I was wrong. I cannot stay away from darkness, because it needs me. Because I am the light it craves, and needs. So maybe I am not cursed, but blessed with a dark kind of light,” she once told her followers.

Recently, however, she revealed a photo of herself without makeup – and the start difference is noticeable.

Her eyes weren’t as round as the ones in her photos yet many of her fans still think her baby-faced make-up free face also looks stunning.