Epic Photobomber Just Gave This Couple A Once In A Lifetime Maternity Photo

In everything that is happening in our lives, all we want to do is to treasure the memories. We do this by taking all the pictures that we can take.

May it be a happy vacation, a normal day at home, a milestone in our lives or even our endearing mishaps that we have.

Dan Mozer, a 30-year-old financial business analyst wanted to do just that. Angeline, Dan’s wife is in her ninth month carrying their first baby. They wanted to capture the memories by taking maternity photos before Angeline gave birth.

They decided to go to the beach nearby, they live in the Jacksonville, Florida area. Good Times shared how the couple arrived at the beach on a Saturday afternoon, they couldn’t ask for a better weather.

Using the ocean as their background, Angeline posed casually on her side to show the camera her baby bump.

Out of nowhere, Dave recalled, somebody started shouting and pointing at the beach.

“Someone started yelling to us that there were dolphins and we could see their dorsal fins.”

Dolphin 1


Dave didn’t stop taking pictures, Angeline was still looking at the camera when one dolphin decided to say hi by jumping out of the water.

“Then, out of nowhere, this thing jumps out of the water.”

Angeline didn’t see the dolphin, fortunately, Dave was able to take three photos of the dolphin in burst shots.

“When I took it, I was like, ‘Oh, my God!’ Unfortunately, she totally missed it.”

The couple was amazed at the incredible shot that they got. The perfect smile, perfect angle, perfect backdrop, with the added spice of their little friend who decided to say hello.

Dave attributes the alluring shot to his son. He believed that it was Courtland who was actually “summoning the dolphins.”

And yes, they named their son Courtland, they didn’t change it to Dolph Finn as many people suggested.

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