How to Effectively Hide Your Spare House Key

There really are moments in life when you need a spare house key to open the house – maybe because your key was lost along with your belongings after your bag was stolen or because you forgot to bring your key and is now locked inside your own home.

Whatever the reason might be for being without a key, you would surely need one to get inside your home. Aside from the obvious solution of waiting for other family members to arrive so they can open the door or breaking the door if you are too impatient (we DON’T recommend that!), here’s a great option to effectively hide your spare keys without resorting to crazy tactics: hiding it in the open.

Yeah, we know that sounds like an even crazier solution but hear us out.

By hiding your spare key inside something that looks like part of your own house, then prospective thieves won’t really think there was a gem hiding inside. Who would think of looking for keys inside water pipes, anyway?

The key here is to make sure the hiding spot is at one with the rest of the house. For example, the pipes used by HouseholdHacker were black but were similar to the ones used outside his home. Thus, the dummy pipes do not look out of place.

Of course, you have to make sure you pick something that matches with your home and would not look out of place or very similar to the one made by HouseholdHacker!

Here’s the useful tip:

You can also use other items aside from pipes, of course. Be creative.

Other Ways to Hide the Spare Key

  • Do you have a guard dog? Put the spare key in his collar.
  • Buy a fake rock or use a real one to hide the key.
  • Use a prescription bottle to house the key. Bury it and mark the spot with a rock or something that would make you remember where it is.
  • Hide it in the shed.
  • Make a wind chime with lots of decoy keys so you can hide the real one along.
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