103-Year-Old Grandma Goes Viral after Receiving Tattoo for the First Time

Proving that one is never too old to try something new, a 103-year-old grandma goes viral after receiving a tattoo for the first time! Netizens are rallying behind and even call her ‘cute’ as she happily posed with her new tattoo.

Grandma Gets New Tattoo

Some might think that getting a new tattoo is something that is associated with rebellious teens. However, a tattoo is also a way for many people to show freedom of expression or even to honor someone or simply to put something that they really love to carry around on their skin.

grandma gets tattoo

Photo credit: Teresa Gomez Zavitz-Jones / Facebook

Others wish to get a tattoo but just don’t get around to getting a real one or might be too afraid to do it. But a 103-year-old grandmother has since gone viral after photos of her getting a tattoo were posted by her grandchild.

The centenarian named Dorothy Pollack who is from Michigan said that getting a tattoo has always been on her bucket list, but she was always too scared to do it. Accompanied by Teresa Zavitz-Jones, her granddaughter, Grandma Dorothy went to the tattoo parlor.

Teresa was quite curious what her grandmother would pick as permanent tattoo – but had already decided to document the tattoo journey. She’s surprised that Grandma Dorothy picked a frog but the results are really cute!

Granny is a badass now; sportin that ink. It’s her first… ink addiction is the name of the game. 😁 Thank you tons A.W.O.L. Custom Tattooing LLC, Ray Reasoner Jr.. and your staff for making Granny feel comfortable and like a star. You are amazing. ❤ DOB 6-16-1917. #GiddyGranny,” Teresa wrote as she shares her grandma’s photos.

Because she’s the oldest person they had ever inked at their shop, the tattoo artist decided to give her the new ink for free! Awwww. Isn’t that sweet?

Is Permanent Tattoo Painful?

Since a permanent tattoo involves repeatedly piercing the skin’s top layer, the process is generally always painful. But the level of pain felt by the person getting a tattoo depends on various factors, including tolerance level and the area where the tattoo is done.

Areas in the body with more nerve endings and the least fat will be more painful.