Emotional Video Shows Gay Twins Coming Out To Their Father

With over 14 million views on Youtube, the Rhode Bros’ coming out video to their father has inspired many people particularly those who are still hiding the closet.

Youtube sensation Aaron and Austin, who happen to be Youtube stars, decided to start 2015 with a bang by revealing to their father that they’re both gay through a phone call.

In the video clip, the pair can be seen showing a multitude of emotions as they struggle to tell their dad the big truth.

Their dad, who was abandoned by his own father, gave them the perfect response.

“You know I love you both and that will never change. You gotta live your lives and you gotta do what you gotta do,” he told his boys.

The Rhodes Bros, who started uploading entertaining videos on Youtube just months ago, has a huge following on social media.

See the twins’ full coming out video.