Dog Pets the Cat, Cat Hugs Dog Back in Adorable Video

Dogs and cats aren’t exactly the best of friends in most cases, but there are actually times when dogs and cats not only co-exist in peace in the same household, they could also be the best of friends!

Jordan Ireland recently shared a heartwarming video of a dog and cat with a rather cute way of showing their love for each other – and everyone is thankful that the moment was caught on camera…

Jordan is a student at Concordia University Wisconsin in Mequon, Wisconsin.

Photo credit: Jordan Ireland / Twitter

According to Jordan, the family first had their calico rescue cat, Pumpkin, when she was much younger. The miniature Labradoodle they named Maggie arrived sometime after Jordan graduated from high school.

Being the only pet in the household for years, Pumpkin felt that she owned the territory. Maggie’s arrival angered the cat – and the two would be enemies for a very long time.

Photo credit: Jordan Ireland / Twitter

But time mellowed these two down. Eventually they learned to live in peace with each other. Then, they became friends – and what good friends they became afterwards!

They always play. They typically chase each other up and down the hallways and stairs,” Jordan shared.

Now that Jordan is in college and living away from home, she does not get to see these two often. She had no idea that they had truly grown much closer now.

In a recent school break, she went home and witnessed a rather sweet moment between the two pets. It was quite lucky that she was able to capture the moment on camera. The video she posted in Twitter has been viewed a whopping 14.6 million times! Whoa.

Photo credit: Jordan Ireland / Twitter

In the clip, Pumpkin could be seen lying on the couch, resting. Maggie jumped up the couch and appeared to pet the sleeping cat, stroking Pumpkin’s back. Amazingly, Pumpkin responds by jumping and appearing to ‘hug’ Maggie!

Did my dog just pet my cat?? And did my cat just hug my dog??” Jordan captioned the video.

It’s really cute, right?