This Dog Knows Really Awesome Tricks!

Does your dog know any cool tricks? In the video below, you’ll see a dog who learned cool tricks from its loving owner.

For example, when the owner sneezes, the dog hurries to the tissue box to retrieve a couple of tissues to bring to her. She does not have to sneeze for real because making the motions actually trigger the command for the dog.

It is also awesome how this dog understands the commands for opening the door of the cupboard to retrieve stuff, close the door, then open the door again to return the item, and closing it back.

The last trick shown in the video shows the dog going on a ‘timeout’ by entering the cage and closing the door.

What I like best, though, is the time when the dog bows its head by the dining table to say grace before enjoying the meal. What a great trick to teach a dog.

I bet these are not the only tricks this dog knows. It seems like a very intelligent pet to me. I wish I had one! Sigh. For now, I just feel content watching the video below:

Tomorrow, I will buy a dog! 😀