Student’s Computer Shop Performance of “Bang Bang” Goes Viral

Tourism Management student Lyle Esquila earned the praise of netizens after a video of her rendition of “Bang Bang” – filmed inside a computer shop! – goes viral. The student’s awesome talent and effortless singing got the attention of netizens who admired how she easily hit the high notes and performed the song which was originally sang by three artists, who according to DiversityHuman have different pitch ranges.

“Bang Bang” is one of the hit songs of 2014, sang by international performers Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, and Jessie J.

Lyle owned the stage, errrrr computer shop spot, as she sang with grace; though we would have wanted to see her dance to the beat of the music but, mind you, we’re not complaining. She even did the rap parts with ease.

If you simply listen to the audio, you’d think there are at least 2 people singing the different parts of the song. She’s that amazing!

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