Father Happily Dives Into Thick Layer of Snow on His Children’s Trampoline

Most people in the United Kingdom are now putting plenty of layers of clothing on and braving the weather condition. With the Beast From the East and Storm Emma wreaking havoc, the country is now experiencing sub-zero temperatures, chilling wind, and mountains of snow.

A father saw an opportunity that is hard to miss. A slow moving footage of a man hurling himself onto a trampoline fully covered in snow has recently gone viral.

The man woke up to find his children’s trampoline perfectly blanketed with snow, which looks too satisfying for him to resist.

A trampoline was filled with snow. [Image Credit: Paddy K / Twitter]

A trampoline was filled with snow. [Image Credit: Paddy K / Twitter]

The Video

The video, which was taken in Renfrew, Scotland, shows the iced trampoline in the garden, with a heavily snow-coated background. Braving the freezing conditions, the man runs up to the trampoline wearing a pair of shorts and t-shirt and stretches his body out to form a star formation.

He lands on the inches of snow with his arms and legs outstretched and forming a pristine shape as he disappeared under the thick layer of snow.

The video was posted on Twitter and has been retweeted more than 44,000 times, liked by more than 160,000 users, and watched for more than 3,900,000 times. A lot of people commented on how hilarious the clip is.

Positive Reactions From Netizens

The viral video put a small on the faces of several netizens.

Too Inviting

In an interview with HuffingtonPost, the 31-year-old father behind the viral video, Kennan or Paddy K (his username on Twitter), said that the snow was just too perfect and inviting. According to him, the big kid inside him just took over.

Kennan also added that this experience is everything that he hoped for and given a chance, he will 100-percent do it again, especially if it is bringing joy to people.

[Image Credit: Paddy K / Twitter]

The father really enjoyed it. [Image Credit: Paddy K / Twitter]

Not the Only Person to Enjoy The Snow

Paddy K is not the only person to make the most out of the thick snow. There were people seen skiing through the streets during transport delays and cancelations due to the weather.

[Image Credit: Shan / Twitter]

The fastest way is to ski. [Image Credit: Shan / Twitter]

A hardy Sheffield activist was seen so determined to make it to the University College Union rally so he decided to wade there in skis. London has become a big skiing rink and people enjoyed skiing down the street.

[Image Credit: Edinburgh Zoo / Twitter]

Penguins in Edinburgh Zoo were enjoying the weather. [Image Credit: Edinburgh Zoo / Twitter]

The penguins at Edinburgh Zoo are enjoying the perfect weather for them too. The small birds are buzzing over all the snow inside their enclosure.

Do you like the cold weather? Will you do the same if you’ll see a thick layer of snow right in front of you?