Dedicate a Song to Your Loved Ones With oSerenade

Are you looking for a unique and heartwarming gift for your loved ones? If yes, then you should definitely check out oSerenade.

This new online service helps you express your feelings and send a message through a song dedicated to your loved ones. In short, it allows you send an online serenade.

To use oSerenade, just think of a song that you want to dedicate to a loved one. Add your personal message. And then one of our talented singers will create the video, which you can send as a gift.


Here’s a recent video that was made as a wedding anniversary gift:

oSerenade can deliver messages of love and friendship. It helps you express how important your loved ones are to you, in a unique and special way.

The oSerenade service is perfect for:

  • Sending love to your husband or wife who is working overseas.
  • Giving your boyfriend or girlfriend a unique and special gift.
  • Thanking your best friend for their love and support.
  • Expressing words that you find hard to say to your loved ones.

You can use oSerenade as a gift for anniversaries, birthdays, and even for special occassions such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

To learn more about oSerenade, you can visit their website at or send a message to their Facebook Page at Best viewed on mobile. 🙂