Couple Give Stranger a Car after Giving Him a Ride Home

A school caretaker named Robert Ford received a life-changing surprise from a couple who gave him a lift home.

While driving on their way home, couple Sean Merrill and wife Darilyn saw Ford walking home.

“It was 9:45pm and this man seemed tired from a long days work, walking with lunch box in hand and a slight droop of the head,” said Sean.

Seeing that the man was tired from walking, Sean decided to pull over and give the middle-aged man a ride home. During the brief ride, the couple learned that Robert missed the bus that day. This left him without a choice but take the long walk home.

After their fateful encounter, the couple along with Robert’s sister-in-law Kathy set up a GoFundMe account to purchase a car for the man.

They were able to successfully raise funds for Robert. Sean, who happens to be a Nobori auto owner and mechanic, found an old car and fixed it for Robert.

According to Robert, who became emotional after receiving the unexpected gift, he’d still be riding the bus if it wasn’t for the couple.

“I owe them a lot, and I’m going to do my best … to help somebody else,” Robert said.

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Woman Gives Barefoot Stranger Her Shoes

After spotting a barefoot homeless woman in New York City subway, a woman decided to give away her tan suede boots to help the stranger.

The good samaritan named Kay Brown said she decided to give her shoes after discovering that they have the same size.

“I want people to put themselves in someone else’s shoes (no pun intended). You never know if/when that could be you on the subway barefoot and in need of compassion,” Kay Brown explained.

Luckily, a man who saw Brown’s kind gesture offered her a thick pair of socks from his gym bag.