Citizens Reported A Dead Body Submerged In Murky Water – Turned Out It Was A Drunk Man

Filipinos are happy people. Sometimes, when one becomes too happy in parties, for example, they tend to be all out.

Drinking is a common norm in Filipino parties and birthdays. Sometimes, even without any occasion, groups of friends would come together for a night of drinking and catching up.

However, it is also a norm of some Filipinos to drink way more than their limits. They drink too much, they puke, and then they sleep right where they are.

There no problem with that, especially if you are inside the house. But I can’t even begin to imagine the horror of doing this outside on the streets.

Alarmed citizens

One morning, citizens from a barangay were alarmed to see a body half submerged in murky waters in a canal. Thinking it was a dead body, they called the cops.

Man Image


The local police responded and they found out that the man was alive, yes. But very drunk.

Man 1


The responder had to fish out the man out of the murky water.

Man 2


Reactions from people

People had mixed reactions since the photo was posted on the Unofficial Facebook page of PNP Chief Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa.

Some made a jest and said that he was just enjoying the water because it is already summer time.

Deasyrie Rose Anne Ariola bakit nyo po kasi sya ginigising? mainit sa bahay nila kaya naisipan nya dyan magpalipas ng oras hahaha.

Some shared similar experiences they had when they or their friends got drunk.

Desertwolf Kingheart naalala ko tuloy dati, tatlo kami nag lalakad pauwe lasing galing videokihan, yung isa sa kaliwa ko nag uusap kami habang nag lalakad, napansin kuna lang d na sya kumikibo, pag lingon ko, nawala, sinabihan ko isang kasama ko bat nawala c jery, lumingon kami sa likod mga limang metro may nakita kaming butas, sinilip namin, nahulog pala.

And some told off those who were laughing and said that it was not a laughing matter the man did not really mean for that to happen.

Mae All Items .nakaktawa mang pagmasdan.pero dapat wag nating pagtawanan…nalasing nga sya.pero hindi nya gugustuhin na matulog sa kanal….kung sino man nakakainoman ni kuya.sana po pag alam nyo masyadong lasing wag nyo hayaan umuwi mag isa.pwera nlang ko kung lahat kayo lasing na lasibg.kawawa nman at bka magkasakit:(