Chinoy “Boyfriend for Rent” Goes Viral

While many ladies marry in their 30s or even 40s these days as they put their romantic relationships on hold in favor of their careers, there are still some cultures [and even some families!] who believe that single ladies in their 30s are “old maids” and should marry off quickly as their biological clock is running out.

There are also certain occasions that are better spent with a special someone but finding one isn’t exactly that easy. In some cultures and countries, such as in China, they hire a boyfriend or girlfriend so they wouldn’t be single on these special occasions.

While that might sound strange, it is actually popular practice in China – and many even offer their services on social media!

For Chinese New Year, netizen Agassi Ching decided to troll this by posting that he’s available for hire on Chinese New Year, with rates and packages depending on certain conditions [P100/hour versus P80/hour (student’s rate) and P600 (whole Chinese New Year)].

The 20-year-old Ching [according to his “Bio”, anyway] is Chinoy and admits to being a “Momma’s Boy”. On his bio, he also wrote the following hilarious ‘features’ and qualifications:

  • has own gym
  • can lift you (from your sorrows)
  • gets along well with your family members and Relatives (also accepting angbao)
  • expert in cooking vienna sausage and century tuna
  • “Gwapo according to my parents”
  • Will travel with you anywhere you like (May waze naman)

But netizens had a good laugh at his list of things he can’t do:

  • Speak fluent Mandarin
  • Defend you from flying cockroaches
  • Decline from accepting angbao
  • Play Mahjong
  • Make my eyes bigger

A lot of people found the post hilarious while a number of girls commented that they wished the prank post was for real. LOL.

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