87-Year-Old COVID-19 Patient Who Asked to See the Sunset Survives, Now Discharged

The bittersweet coronavirus sunset photo of an old patient and his young doctor has gone viral, touching hearts around the world…

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected millions of people as many countries around the world imposed a lockdown or a community quarantine, in hopes of stopping the spread of the coronavirus. Sadly, thousands of lives were lost, with many of them elderly people who are weaker and have other medical conditions.

Watching the Sunset

Last March 6, the online community shed tears for an 87-year-old man in Shanghai, China, who has been in the hospital for a month following a positive diagnosis for COVID-19. He has not seen the sun for weeks. On the way to his CT scan, a 20-something doctor was wheeling him out of the room when the two decided to stop and watch the sunset.

Both had not seen the sun for a very long time. The heartbreaking photo brought tears to many people’s eyes, especially because there was a huge likelihood that the old man might not make it out of this pandemic.

The photo was taken at Zhongshan Hospital of Fudan University. The beautiful moment touched so many people’s hearts that it quickly went viral.

This is possibly the most iconic photo of this #coronavirus #COVID19 outbreak that we will see IMO,” a netizen wrote.

Healed and Discharged from the Hospital

But here’s some good news! The 87-year-old survived! Weeks after going viral for the bittersweet sunset photo, the old man was wheeled out of the hospital by the same doctor whose face can’t be seen due to the full hazmat suit he was wearing.

While he can’t see his doctor’s face or the many others who helped him recover, the old man expressed his wish to play them the violin as a token of his gratitude. He can’t do that soon, but everyone is certainly happy that he is fully healed now…

Sunlight Treatment for COVID-19?

Some sites are claiming that sunlight treatment might actually work for COVID-19, citing that this old-fashioned treatment was done in the past before antibiotics were invented. However, UNICEF has debunked a post that claims the organization said sunlight is effective against the virus. There is evidence that viruses don’t like heat.

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