Touching Video: Deaf Kids Use Sign Language to Pray Before Eating

Although deaf people might have a difficult time communicating with others using spoken language, sign language has enabled them to “speak” out. There are many different kinds of sign language but all have the same aim: for deaf people to be able to communicate.

In this touching video shared by International Christian Concern on its Facebook page, a child could be seen praying, using sign language, in front of his food with other kids could be seen playing in the background.

A short while later, the other kids joined the first one – and they, too, prayed using sign language! It is so touching to see that these kids took the time to pray “loudly” even when they could not speak.

Many of us may not be able to understand just what these kids were “saying” in their prayer yet it seems that they were doing it in earnest, praying hard that they would be provided with their needs and thanking the Great Provider for the food on their table.

As you can see in the video, the food was not even much – just a large serving of rice and a small portion of viand – yet these kids showed their appreciation to the meal in front of them nonetheless. What a wonderful bunch of kids!

It does not matter that most of us are not able to understand a word of what they were signing about because God understands all languages and would surely be pleased with what these kids are doing.

Watch the touching video here:

Deaf child prays in sign language—nothing can shut a worshiper! (TV International)

Posted by International Christian Concern on Sunday, October 11, 2015


A prayer is a solemn request for help to God or some other deity (in various religions). It could also be words of thanksgiving for something, such as the kids praying for their food.

There are many different types of prayers, with wordings that may or may not be memorized, depending on the religion. There are standard, repeated prayers such as those practiced by the Roman Catholic Church, while there are free-flowing ones with words that depend on the nature of the occasion or the reason why the prayer was done.