After Boracay ‘Dream Vacation’ Goes Viral, Mystery Guy Receives Offer of Free Trip from Local

A Boracay local is asking netizens for help in finding the guy who posted his Boracay ‘dream vacation’ on social media.

Some days ago, a photo of a guy using a dipper and a drawing of a beach with the word “BORACAY” written on it had gone viral, drawing laughter from netizens who were amused of this guy’s ‘budget’ vacation.

This was surely done for fun but with so many people dreaming of going to Boracay, this was surely a half meant joke.

When Tong Yangco saw the post, he first wrote, “To remind us how lucky we are.. It would be nice to bring this guy here ????.

It turns out that Yangco works in Boracay. In his Facebook profile, he wrote that he works at Exit Bar and lives in Boracay; although he is from Tondo, Manila.

Indeed, many people who live in tourist spots take these sights for granted, forgetting that a lot of other people would give anything and everything just to get there. Yangco’s post garnered some attention, with people commenting that they are willing to help bring the guy to Boracay.

This prompted Yangco to repost the guy’s photo. This time, he appeals for help from netizens in helping him identify this guy.

Any one knows this guy? Let me know please……. we will bring him here in boracay please…. cheers! Please share! Till we all find him…” Yangco wrote.

Now that a lot of people are trying to find him, we hope this guy can be identified soon so he could have a real version of his dream vacation to Boracay.

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