Best Friends From Miami Have The Perfect Comeback For Those Who Tell Them They Can’t Be Twins Because They Are Different

Today, our news is full of violence and crime. People are used to hating people for petty reasons, for race and nationality reasons, or sometimes, for no reasons at all. It’s saddening that adults are the ones who are always full of hatred.

At times like these, we may want to take a look at the pureness of how kids see each other. To them, there are no races, there are just friends.

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Take this 4-year old best friends from Miami for example. Their friendship blossomed since the day they met at school when they were three years old. Since then they were inseparable. They even insisted that they are twins.

Jia Zuri 1


Jia and Zuri had a joint birthday party, because they’re twins, after all. Their birthdays are two days apart in June.

Jia Zuri 2


At school, one day, Jia’s mom, Ashley Riggs Sarnicola recalled that another child told them that there was no way they are twins since they don’t have the same skin color.

“There is no way you and Zuri are twins, you don’t have the same color skin!”

Jia Zuri 3


For this, Jia has the perfect response.

“You don’t know anything, we are twins because we have the same birthday and the same soul.”

See how beautifully color-blind the love these twins have for each other? We just hope that grown people can also learn from the twins.

Jia Zuri 4


When the internet heard the beautiful story from Zuri’s sister who tweeted it, they also can’t help but admire the twins. Some even said that grown-ups can learn from the two.

Jia Zuri 5


A few days later, Zuri’s sister gave an update that the twins are being interviewed. In this photo the sister captioned,

“Jia out here waiting for somebody to try them and say they aren’t twins & Zuri cheesing hard af cause she know Jia gonna hold it down”

Truly, innocence is a beautiful bliss.

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