Professional Wrestler Sends Entire Student Body to Tears…with an Extraordinary Tribute

An entire middle school was reduced to tears when professional wrestler Marc Melo spoke to them about his life story.

The motivational talk revolved around his life as the biggest loser who hanged out with other losers while he was growing up. He told the attentive students how he did everything teens think are cool (getting drunk, trying out drugs, going home at the break of dawn, and talking back to his mom) yet, as an adult, realized these were things stuff only losers do.

He encouraged the students to do the right thing.

But what really made these young minds cry was his story about his mother – how she was the only one who truly believed in him, no matter how crazy he had been while growing up. Then, she died while he was on tour in Hiroshima, Japan. By the time he revealed this, the entire student body was in tears and raptly listening to the tough man delivering a rather emotional story on stage.

It was the best tribute Marc could ever give for his mother – and it was awesome that he touched so many lives by sharing this particular story of his crazy childhood. We hope these young minds were truly touched by the experience and change their rebellious, happy-go-lucky ways before it is too late…

Watch the touching video here:

Who is Marc Mero?

Marc Mero is a retired amateur boxer who became a professional wrestler and, later, a motivational speaker. He is known both as Marc Mero (“Wildman” Marc Mero and “Marvelous” Marc Mero” on the World Wrestling Federation) and as Johnny B. Badd (Total Nonstop Action Wrestling and World Championship Wrestling).

As a student, he played both hockey and football. Though he wanted to be a professional boxer, he had to put his dreams on hold after suffering a broken nose in an accident. He went on to become a bodybuilder but dropped that as well to become a professional wrestler where he truly made a name for himself.

He is vocal about his use of recreational drugs and steroids in the past but has since gone sober. According to his speech before the middle school students in the video above, he had overdosed three times.

As a bad boy who turned good, Marc is certainly a great motivational speaker who can share his experiences to others to, hopefully, change their lives.