Bathing in Menthol Bath Gel Relieves Migraines

A woman suffering from migraines claims that she has found relief in a menthol bubble bath.

Kentucky woman Jill Hamilton shared a seemingly helpful tip for migraine sufferers on Facebook. According to Jill, bathing in Johnson’s baby soothing vapor bath every night has actually “cured” her migraines. Her post quickly spread like wildfire on social media.


Migraine specialist Professor Peter Goadsby of King’s College of London somehow agrees with Jill’s claim. In his interview with The Daily Mail UK, Goadsby said that there is evidence menthol, the key ingredient in the bath gel, can relieve headaches.

Migraines are an inherited disorder whose severity is believed to fluctuate. Goadsby explained that although menthol can relieve or control migraines, it is unlikely that it can cure it. According to the migraine expert, putting menthol on your head activates a family of receptors that changes the way we feel. In the menthol’s case, it activates the receptor that makes us feel cool.

Professor Goadsby added: “The why and the how is not known. There is a link – and evidence for the link – but the cause isn’t understood.”

However,  the specialist emphasized that sufferers need to see a doctor before replacing their medications with menthol products.

What is migraine?

A severe headache felt as a throbbing pain at the front or side of the head, migraine is a common health condition affecting approximately one in every five women and around one in every 15 men.

This condition, which usually begins in early adulthood, has symptoms that include vomiting, nausea as well as increased sensitivity to light or sound. Because of these symptoms, it can severely affect an individual’s quality of life and prevent them from doing normal daily activities.

The cause of migraines remains unknown but experts believe that it is a result of temporary changes in the chemicals and blood vessels in the brain.

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