Are These the Unluckiest People of All Time?

In life, we are bound to have both lucky and unlucky days. You might have noticed how one day seemed to be quite different from the others – whether it was so lucky that everything fell into place or it was so unlucky that everything went awry. I sure wish I wouldn’t encounter many unlucky days!

Now, there are some people who are luckier than most. These are the people who almost always win in raffle promos and lotteries while others don’t even have the experience of winning once. On the other side of the story are those people who seem to be so unlucky that they never even win even if the odds appear to be in their favor [ex. 15 winners will be picked out of 20 prizes].

The video created by Top Trending lists 10 of the unluckiest of all time. These are the ones who get into accidents more times than we could ever imagine or those who were supposed to win but lost by some crazy twist of fate.

Watch it here:

Lucky People

Have you ever wondered why some people appear to be luckier than others? Some would say that fate smiles upon these people, giving them all the good luck in the world while the rest have to cope with what’s left of good luck meter.

Here are some of the qualities that many lucky people share:

They are observant. By observing the world around them, these lucky people are able to make the right decisions that could lead to their good luck.

They learn from life’s lessons. Just because you are down on your luck at some point in your life does not mean that you stay there for life. If you can learn something from this situation, then you can turn your luck around.

They stay positive. No matter what life throws them, lucky people know how to see the positive side of things. It just might be a matter of good karma that changes their luck from bad to good.