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Alligator Enjoys Window-Shopping At A North Florida Strip Mall

Shopping is a fun activity for most people. Window-shopping gives people the chance to see new arrivals or check items on sale. Especially if you don’t have enough money to afford the things that you want to buy before shopping, it is a good alternative for shoppers.

Window-shopping helps you feel less stressed and more relaxed. However, what will you do if you meet an alligator while walking down the streets?

The Surprise Visitor

An alligator decided to do a little bit of window shopping at a Flagler Beach strip mall while it is on its way from one retention pond to another.

Denise Nichols-Gearhardt is working at a consignment and antique store named “Junque in the Trunk” when she suddenly spotted the alligator outside. She pulled out her phone to record the big visitor.

The surprise visitor engaged itself walking around. [Image Credit: Fox 35 WOFL / Facebook]
The surprise visitor enjoyed itself while walking around. [Image Credit: Fox 35 WOFL / Facebook]
The company is currently expanding in the strip mall and Nichols-Gearhardt says that she’s showing some customers the space they were moving into. After looking through the glass, she spotted the alligator’s reflection. The plaza has retention ponds on either side and the alligator appeared to be using the sidewalk as a shortcut to move to the other pond.

Since she’s a native Floridian, she said that she knew not to startle it and just to get out of its way. She directed the customers to walk calmly into their cars or go back to the store.

They got into their vehicle and I went into the store.

What will you do if you see one? [Image Credit: Fox 35 WOFL / Facebook]
What will you do if you see one? [Image Credit: Fox 35 WOFL / Facebook]

Enjoying Itself

Nichols-Gearhardt started filming the alligator’s journey from one side of the strip mall to the other. She also called the Flagler Beach Police for back-up. They even joked that the gator is trying to take a donut from the shop.

The alligator, seeing the reflection in the door of America’s Donuts tapped his nose against the door… We joke that he was trying to get a donut!

The customers and the alligator are safe. [Image Credit: Fox 35 WOFL / Facebook]
The customers and the alligator are safe. [Image Credit: Fox 35 WOFL / Facebook]
The police also helped keep people away from the gator as it made its way into the next pond. According to them, it is not the first time that alligators have been spotted moving between the ponds. Nichols-Gearhardt also felt lucky to have spotted the reptile before it made its way into her shop.

I had the door to the store open all day … If I wouldn’t have walked outside and saw him he probably would have ended up inside.

Watch the video of the alligator window-shopping here:

Alligator does 'window shopping' in Flagler Beach

See ya later alligator! When this reptile decided to do a little "window shopping" outside the consignment antique mall Junque in the Trunk Flagler Beach, Florida, Denise Nichols-Gearhardt pulled out her phone to record the visitor. "I am a native Floridian, and am not spooked by them, but I do know not to startle them and to get out of their way!" she said. STORY:

Posted by Fox 35 WOFL on Monday, 5 March 2018


What will you do if you see an alligator in front of your shop? Will you be as peaceful as Nichols-Gearhardt or are you going to panic?

Funny Videos

Father Happily Dives Into Thick Layer of Snow on His Children’s Trampoline




Most people in the United Kingdom are now putting plenty of layers of clothing on and braving the weather condition. With the Beast From the East and Storm Emma wreaking havoc, the country is now experiencing sub-zero temperatures, chilling wind, and mountains of snow.

A father saw an opportunity that is hard to miss. A slow moving footage of a man hurling himself onto a trampoline fully covered in snow has recently gone viral.

The man woke up to find his children’s trampoline perfectly blanketed with snow, which looks too satisfying for him to resist.

A trampoline was filled with snow. [Image Credit: Paddy K / Twitter]
A trampoline was filled with snow. [Image Credit: Paddy K / Twitter]

The Video

The video, which was taken in Renfrew, Scotland, shows the iced trampoline in the garden, with a heavily snow-coated background. Braving the freezing conditions, the man runs up to the trampoline wearing a pair of shorts and t-shirt and stretches his body out to form a star formation.

He lands on the inches of snow with his arms and legs outstretched and forming a pristine shape as he disappeared under the thick layer of snow.

The video was posted on Twitter and has been retweeted more than 44,000 times, liked by more than 160,000 users, and watched for more than 3,900,000 times. A lot of people commented on how hilarious the clip is.

Positive Reactions From Netizens

The viral video put a small on the faces of several netizens.

Too Inviting

In an interview with HuffingtonPost, the 31-year-old father behind the viral video, Kennan or Paddy K (his username on Twitter), said that the snow was just too perfect and inviting. According to him, the big kid inside him just took over.

Kennan also added that this experience is everything that he hoped for and given a chance, he will 100-percent do it again, especially if it is bringing joy to people.

[Image Credit: Paddy K / Twitter]
The father really enjoyed it. [Image Credit: Paddy K / Twitter]

Not the Only Person to Enjoy The Snow

Paddy K is not the only person to make the most out of the thick snow. There were people seen skiing through the streets during transport delays and cancelations due to the weather.

[Image Credit: Shan / Twitter]
The fastest way is to ski. [Image Credit: Shan / Twitter]
A hardy Sheffield activist was seen so determined to make it to the University College Union rally so he decided to wade there in skis. London has become a big skiing rink and people enjoyed skiing down the street.

[Image Credit: Edinburgh Zoo / Twitter]
Penguins in Edinburgh Zoo were enjoying the weather. [Image Credit: Edinburgh Zoo / Twitter]
The penguins at Edinburgh Zoo are enjoying the perfect weather for them too. The small birds are buzzing over all the snow inside their enclosure.

Do you like the cold weather? Will you do the same if you’ll see a thick layer of snow right in front of you?

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Funny Videos

Penguins’ Synchronized Headbanging While Watching Yo-Yo Tricks Goes Viral




Have you watched Happy Feet? Do you remember how cute the penguins are when they move around at the same time? Well, we have something for you.

Are you ready for a cuteness overload? Three video clips posted on Twitter by a girl with a handle @ninayukisan on February 25 is being talked about.

In the video, a group of penguin at the Awashima Marine Park is shown mesmerized while watching a performer do a series of awesome yo-yo tricks in front of them. The video is currently going viral on Japanese social media.

As the performer does some yo-yo tricks, the penguins are so entranced and they all try to follow the yo-yo with their heads.

The synchronicity of the way the penguins move their heads altogether to the direction of the yo-yo gives an adorable factor to this cute video.

The 1-minute video was followed by another video with the presenter still doing some yo-yo tricks. The Penguins didn’t seem bored and are still following the yo-yo with heads. What an adorable feat!

After another 1-minute video, the Penguins still aren’t bored, can you imagine how entertained they are to stay entranced and mesmerized that way.

In the third video, the man doing the yo-yo tricks went to the other side of the glass panel where the penguins are. The penguins gladly followed the man, while their heads are still following the yoyo’s movements. Can’t help but notice how they seem like rappers trying to rap while walking. How cute!

Also works with finger

Another penguin video posted by a Twitter user @pollyaboyd shows how a penguin is desperate to follow a girls hand as she moves it around fast in front of a penguin.

These videos show how curious penguins are, and how cute they are when they follow something around.

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Funny Videos

Thief Tries to Squeeze Herself into a Claw Machine to Steal the Stuffed Toys Inside




Have you ever wanted to beat a claw machine and get a stuffed animal, a bunch of candies or a watch? The possibilities of the prizes you can get from a claw machine are endless — but getting the prize you are eyeing may not be easy and may cost you a lot of money too.

Unless you are small enough to climb inside and grab the prize, beating a claw machine can be really tough, but that is what a thief in Taiwan tried. The 34-year-old woman with last name Tsai has managed to squeeze herself into a claw machine in an attempt to steal more than half a dozen toys.

A woman from Taiwan stole seven toys from a claw machine. [Image Credit: louis rascasse / Youtube]
A woman from Taiwan stole seven toys from a claw machine. [Image Credit: louis rascasse / Youtube]

Caught on CCTV

Footage from the business was handed to the police for investigation. Upon review of the CCTV footage, Miss Tsai was seen trying to knock down the prizes using a pink broom first. She tried sticking it into the dispenser so she can pull the stuffed toys closer to the chute. However, her attempt did not work so she tried reaching what she wanted with her hand.

The woman had been playing the game at the beginning. It seems that she got frustrated that she cannot grab a single teddy from the machine in Taichung, Taiwan that she decided to cheat and just grab anything that she wants.

She used a broom first. [Image Credit: louis rascasse / Youtube]
She used a broom first. [Image Credit: louis rascasse / Youtube]
She managed to squeeze her upper body through the 25 cm opening to grab the toys inside. According to the police, the woman was able to steal seven toys in her half-hour stealing spree.

While in police custody, Miss Tsai told them that she had taken sleeping pills and other medicines and because of it, she had no recollection of her past actions.

When the broom did not work, she squeezed herself in the machine. [Image Credit: louis rascasse / Youtube]

What Happened to the Toys?

Instead of keeping the toys to herself, Miss Tsai said she had given the prizes to the children living in her neighborhood.

Watch the video here:

The stuffed toys thief is facing theft charges and the investigation is still ongoing.

How to Beat the Claw Machine?

A Youtuber named Guava Juice shared a video on how you can win every prize in the claw machine. According to him, you need to find the keyhole on the machine first and hold it for three to five seconds until it pops out. Turning the knob will make the machine think that it is time for maintenance.

Although there is no assurance that this will work, it is definitely not worth a try. You would not want to go to jail, right?

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