Airline Surprises Passengers with a Doorway to the Wonderful World Beyond the Gates

Traveling can be lots of fun but waiting at the airport for your connecting flight can be boring. A lot of airports provide passengers with some form of entertainment, wifi connection, and shops to keep them entertained.

At Singapore Changi Airport, JetStar provided passengers with an awesome surprise – but they made sure to surprise the most curious of all.

The airline set up a single door in the middle of the passenger terminal, seemingly leading to nowhere but the other side of the door. There were no lengthy instructions as to what the passengers should do with the door but everyone was welcome to enter.

Of course, many thought it was silly to enter a door in the middle of the terminal, only to get out of the other side while many people were watching.

But there were those who were brave enough to try…

As expected, these people were the luckiest! They were whisked to a world beyond the gates, a beautiful world where there were shops, butterfly gardens, and lots of fun things to enjoy. Instead of spending a boring wait at the terminal, they had a good time shopping and strolling through these lovely areas.

Check out the lovely surprise in this video by JetStar Group:

Air Travel

Humans have long wanted to travel far and wind to enjoy what the Earth has to offer. In the past, travels have been limited to where their feet could bring them. Then, the wheel was invented and boats were also created. Before long, humans were traversing the world in ships.

But air travel has significantly changed our lives, allowing humans to reach new heights at faster speeds. We did not stop at hot air balloons. Soon, humans were flying on fast vehicles like helicopters and airplanes. This also paved the way to space shuttles and rockets that allowed humans to reach outside the Earth.

Who knows? In some near future, it would only take days for humans to reach the other planets!

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