Jollibee Service Crew Lauded for Helping Handicapped Man Eat

It is amazing what a simple act of kindness can do, especially when done to people that would surely have no means of paying you back for the deed.

Take for example this viral story of a Jollibee service crew who was caught on camera helping out an old, handicapped man who had no arms.

According to netizen Marie Zelda Idelle Biteng, the touching moment happened at Jollibee Agoo in Agoo, La Union in the Philippines.

According to Biteng, she often feels disappointed by the service of the crew at the said fast food outlet (yet it seems she often goes there, anyway). However, she was able to witness something that changed her opinion about the outlet’s service crew.

While dining at this Jollibee outlet, Biteng noticed an old man who had no arms eating the food on his plate by putting his head down on the plate so his mouth could grab at the food. Without being asked to do so, service crew member Jemcy Garcia Carino went to the old man’s table and offered to feed him!

The kind-hearted guy took it upon himself to slice up the old man’s food, then patiently feed him without asking for anything in return. Now that’s what you call excellent service!

We hope Jollibee’s management would reward this guy’s good deed appropriately…

Almost always disappointed ako sa serbisyo ng crew ng Jollibee Agoo. Pero kanina lang I was touched with this act of…

Posted by Random Thoughts on Friday, February 19, 2016


Jollibee Foods Corporation (or simply Jollibee) is a Filipino fast food chain who is often pitted against McDonald’s in many parts of the country, especially since both offer similar food choices such as chicken meals, French fries, hamburgers, and special meals with toys for kids.

Although the chain began in the Philippines, is has expanded to other countries as well. Today, there are over 3,000 stores around the world!

The fast food chain had also acquired some of its competitors (though not McDonald’s) such as Burger King Philippines, Greenwich Pizza, and Chowking. Mang Inasal and Red Ribbon are also under the multinational chain.

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